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solar racking and tracking systems

16MW- Waterproof Carbon steel Solar Carport in Japan

Jun 06, 2024

Installation Site: Japan

Installation Date: 2023.11

Generating Capacity:16MW

Japanese Solar Carbon Steel Carport Racking System is an innovative product that combines modern material science and green energy technology. The system uses high-strength carbon steel as the main material, which not only ensures the stability and durability of the structure, but also realizes the self-sufficiency of energy through the integration of solar photovoltaic panels.
Durability: The carbon steel material has excellent corrosion and weather resistance, which ensures the long-term stable use of the carport bracket.
Solar Energy Integration: High-efficiency solar photovoltaic panels are installed on the top of the system, capable of converting solar energy into electricity for use by the carport's internal lighting, monitoring and other equipment.
Environmental protection and energy saving: through solar power generation, it reduces the dependence on traditional energy sources and lowers carbon emissions.
This solar carport racking system is suitable for a variety of places such as residential areas, commercial areas, public parking lots and so on. Both individual car owners and corporate parking lots can benefit from it, realizing the double enhancement of energy saving, emission reduction and economic benefits.

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